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              Each Other             

              Our Clients             

We believe the effects of trauma and attachment breaks can be healed so what we do is valuable and should be done with competence and professionalism.  In light of this belief, we choose to find the strength in every individual; we choose to care for ourselves in order to be able to effectively care for others; we choose to be invested in educational growth within our organization and the communities with whom we connect.

We believe this work is very difficult and understand the stakes are enormous. In light of this belief, we choose to acknowledge what we do is hard work; we choose to encourage and call upon each other for support; we choose to hold each other accountable with grace; we choose to help each other remember to have fun every day.

We believe our clients and their families are really not that different from ourselves and our own families, and families define who their family is. In light of this belief, we choose to have the same care, compassion, and grace we want for ourselves; we choose to see families as the experts on their own family; we choose to do our part to create transparent and authentic relationships so we can all learn from each other in an effort to create and promote strategies and tools for healing.


               Our Work                

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