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Co-Founder & Owner

Early in her career, Susan recognized that the family is the key to healing for children.      

Holding extensive training and experience in the field of bonding, attachment and trauma informed care beginning in 1995, Susan is highly committed to working with families formed through adoption. 


In 1999, she left the world of residential treatment and in-patient psychiatric care behind, moved from St. Louis to Kansas City and formed a practice that provided in home, family centered clinical services with Grey. This started their mission of providing services for the families of children who struggle with the negative impact of mental health and neurological damage due to a history of trauma.  


Along with her MSW, Susan holds degrees from Southern Seminary in Louisville KY and serves as a worship pastor with her husband at their local church in Kansas City. She and her husband, Jay who is a crisis interventionist trainer and Management Utility Player for Lifeworks, are the parents of eight children, forming their family through birth, fostering and adoption.


In 2016, Susan was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and in 2017, with metastasized recurrent endometrial cancer.


Susan is now the Director of All Things Fun and “kicking cancer’s butt," leaving the running of the business to her former clinical supervisor, mentor and friend, Dorothy.

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