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Graduating from Emporia State University with a Master's degree in Art Therapy, Kealey is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has specialized post graduate training in both play therapy, and treatment for young children with sexual abuse reactive behaviors. This makes her an invaluable resource to the Kansas City area, as finding someone with such training is rare!


Joining the Lifeworks team in 2004 after working in residential treatment, Kealey also has a background in post secondary education, teaching art therapy to college students. This experience has only added to her skill in teaching families how to navigate the difficult and painful journey of parenting children with extensive abuse histories. 


Kealey's use of art therapy assessments are essential in working with kids who struggle with words and the telling of their stories, and bring insight to the other clinicians who often refer to Kealey for case consultation for such assessments. Because of her assessment skills, Kealey will continue to be our "go to" for outside agency consultations and brain mapping within the NMT model.

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