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This event not only changed the course of their lives, but also the lives of Lifeworks’ founding partners, Susan and Grey. These new parents, Susan’s lifelong friends, struggled to find professional help who understood how trauma and attachment change the way relationships are formed. While living in St. Louis, Susan was working in a residential treatment center yet seeking out specialized training in attachment and bonding. This search was not only to help the adoptive families Susan was working with in St. Louis, but also to help her friend. 

Meanwhile, Grey was living in Kansas City and working in residential and hospital settings. After having specialized training in attachment and trauma work, Grey recognized there has to be a better way. He was tormented by the idea of working with children apart from their families.

Grey agreed to drive across the city every Friday night, for twenty bucks, to help this new family. Brought together by this beautiful girl, Grey and Susan met, and in 1999, an agency was born. 

 In 1994, a couple from Kansas City went to an orphanage in Russia to bring home their newly adopted daughter. 

What started as the dream of two therapists has now grown into the passion of many.

Tanya, our little girl from Russia, meeting 8-month old Layla, future Chief Operating Officer of Lifeworks Family Group 

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